Chicken Little — Cooking some more meat!

After much gnashing of teeth, I decided it was time to further my efforts at cooking meat for my beloved. He doesn’t ask for much — and I know how much he enjoys a good home cooked meal with some yummy chicken. 

I scoured through The Pioneer Woman’s recipes to try and find something that was pretty easy and fool-proof. I came across her recipe for Hot and Sweet Drumsticks which looked pretty tasty and rather simple. 

I went to the grocery store and got the necessary ingredients to make that dish, along with her Roasted Carrots and Delicious, Creamy Mashed Potatoes. When I entered the “chicken” section of the meat aisle I became nervous and anxious. I glanced around hoping no one would spot me in the MEAT aisle…thankfully, I grabbed my drumsticks and got out of there before anyone could find me and clearly KNOW that I was out of my element. 

When I got home, I cut the plastic off the chicken stuff and looked at the bare meat. I was a little grossed out….even more so when I picked one up. From there on out I used tongs and never touched them again. 

Once I got cooking though, the smells from all three dishes was absolutely divine and even though the chicken took MUCH longer to cook than the recipe suggested, it was still absolutely delicious and Sal loved it! I patted myself on the back, and proceeded to do the dishes :(

Here are my potatoes being cut up for boiling!

All the ingredients for my Hot and Sweet Drumsticks are about to mix up in the saucepan — it smelled delicious!

Carrots are washed, cut, and ready for their oil and spices!

Here they are pre-cooking, but with all their ingredients on top! Don’t they look tasty?

The final plated product of yummy goodness….Doesn’t it look delicious? And guess what? It was! 

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  1. mudbees said: you need to try her chicken and dumplings recipe… minimal chicken handling, and SUPER EASY. and delicious. perfect fall weekend meal!
  2. schemeranddreamer posted this
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